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We feel people will have stories to share in the following categories:
EVERYDAY LIFE:  Interesting Experiences, Stories, Opinions related to your
daily life;  
SELF:   Good Health, Fitness, Well Being - Beauty Tips;   
RELATIONSHIPS:  How We Met – Online Dating – First Dates - Blind Dates -
Dating In General – Romance - Unique Wedding Proposals - Engagements -
Valentine's Day Stories - Love Stories – Soulmates - Love of Your Life
Stories - Weddings - Marriage – Break Ups – Family Relationships –
Friendships – Relationship Tips In General;
Stories - College Relationships – Roommates - Student Networking – Job
Finding Tips – Classes - Social Life - Adjustments to College Life;   
PARENTING:  Raising Children – Balancing Work and Children - Single
Parent Issues - General Parenting Tips;
 SPIRITUALITY:  Faith - Miracles;  
MAKING A DIFFERENCE:  Volunteering – Helping the Environment – Other
Ways We Made a Difference;
 CAREER: First Jobs - Job Loss – Workplace
Issues - Professional Networking – Job Finding Tips – Changing Careers;
HOMES: Buying – Selling – Decorating – Remodeling;  TRAVEL:  United
States Travel – European Travel – Cruises – Traveling Tips in General;  
Why Share Your ....

xperiences - Some people have good experiences to share that may inspire others
and some people have bad experiences to share that may enlighten others.
 If you
feel that a bad experience could have been avoided, you can provide insight on how
to avoid it.
 You may also help people who share a similar experience know that
they're not alone and perhaps help them overcome any negative effects of their
experience by sharing how you overcame yours.

Stories - Every person has stories from their lives that can help others understand
the lives, actions, differences and uniqueness of each us.  While experiences may
be the paragraphs of your life, a story is a page from you life.  Each experience,
story, and opinion you have forms the REAL STORY of your life.

Opinions - People sometimes feel that others don't share their choices / views /
similar experiences but sharing can help people in ways you may not even realize.   
Whether or not others share your views, new perspectives and insights may be

ESOs can inspire, inform, provide tips, generate ideas, create hope, or put a smile on
someone’s face.

Sharing your ESO - Experiences, Stories, Opinions - can touch the
lives of others.  

Thank you.
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